Reviews and features on restaurants, cafes and bars around the globe, the producers, designers and bankers behind them, the issues which affect them. Ranging from the Cafe de Sport to the Tour d’Argent, with celebrity chefs kept to a strict minimum, and including a regular look at the true state of catering in South-West England.

Coming soon:
The Cuban restaurant scene 2009, with latest recommendations across the island.
North Devon, from the ridiculous to the sublime.
South Devon: a Dartmouth gastro-weekend.
The Fish Cous Cous of Sicily, including the Festival of San Vito da Capo and the personal recipe of Giorgio Armani’s Sicilian cook, exclusive to the Boulevardier.
Costa Brava Centenary Cuisine, including interviews with the Roca Brothers of Celler Can Roca and lists of personal favourite local restaurants of the Rocas and Ferran Adria, exclusive to the Boulevardier.

From the archives:
A Little Bit of Bordeaux That Was Algeria, the struggle to resurrect wine production in Algeria. (Slow Magazine, Italy, 03 2007)
The Girona Food Symposium 2009 (Matching Food and Wine, March 2009)
Slow Food’s Turin Salone 2008 (Matching Food and Wine, 2008)
Chestnut Cuisine of the Ardeche (The Independent on Sunday, Sept 2007)
Miami’s New Latin Cookery (The Observer Food Magazine, June 2002)
The Disappearing Brasseries of Paris (Food Illustrated, May 2000)
A Cook’s Tour of Lisbon (The Independent, July 1994)
Basque Cuisine on both sides of the border (The Independent on Sunday, May 2002)